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Hi there!

My name is Matt Korinek, I am a commercial fitness, lifestyle and editorial photographer currently based in Vancouver, Canada. As an in-house campaign photographer for lululemon athletica the past 6 years, I've shot hundreds of concepts.

I've made it my mission to tell compelling stories by organically capturing imagery that evokes emotion in the viewer and reveals an underlying truth about the ephemeralness of life. 

My approach is a synergy of commercial and editorial styles, creating scenarios and providing direction while also letting the best moments unfold naturally. I'm drawn to moody images with a classic filmic finish.

In my spare time, I passionately share my photographic knowledge, shoot personal work and collaborate on exciting commissions. Photography is my life!

When I'm not doing photographer related things, I can often be found outdoors with a cold beer in hand, enjoying the company of friends.

Thanks for stopping by. Let's get connected!

That's me!

That's me!



Fun times with the team on Satellite Island.

Fun times with the team on Satellite Island.

Random Facts

  • Born and raised in the 6ix (a.k.a. Toronto, Canada)

  • I took my last visual art class in Grade 8

  • I have a Masters Degree in Teaching

  • I've trained gorillas (un-related to the above)

  • Nothing makes me happier than being out in nature

  • Mluvím Cesky


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